Incentive Europe offers a wide range of products and services. You can call us for the design and production of new premium products and promotional activities or to expand your merchandising assortment. It does not matter which product or service it concerns, we are here for you! On the basis of the steps below, we would like to show you how we work.

We design

The minute we receive your briefing, our in-house design department starts the process. Our design team is aware of the latest developments, whether this concerns product features or toys- and fashion trends, we are always up-to-date!

We present

We like to show you how we match specific concepts and products with your brand to achieve your goals. For us it remains a great challenge each and every time and for you it will be a delightful surprise.

We produce

Once the final sample is approved we will start the production process. All production, both large and small, is set up according to our own protocol and is supervised by our own employees in China. Throughout the entire production process you will receive updates, progress reports, pictures and production samples.

We control

Right down to the smallest detail, everything has to be absolutely perfect. Before production we verify the certificates of the factories concerned. During the production process we constantly monitor whether the items are produced in accordance with the sample <em>and </em>we make sure that the materials that are used are of excellent quality.

We transport

Of course we also arrange all transportation. We can ship your goods from the factories to different locations on every continent. We take care of custom clearance and can even store your products. If you desire to have the products sent to an individual address, just let us know! We make sure everything will go according to your wishes and needs.

"Designing a product is designing a relationship."

Steve Rogers

Who we are

Incentive Europe Premiums Concepts & Licensing. A leading partner when it comes to boosting your sales, improving your brand awareness or increasing the number of customers in your store. To achieve these objectives we offer a number of services; an in-house design department, more than ten years of experience with manufacturing products in China, offices in Amsterdam and Shenzhen and, if needed, a concrete proposition within 24 hours to meet your targets.

In-house design department

At our Amsterdam office we employ an experienced and talented in-house design-team. Their creative process starts with a brainstorm session of which the most fruitful ideas will be developed into rough concepts. After that new selection is made and only those concepts with the highest potentials will be turned into a wonderful presentation. Naturally we will present these with great pleasure at your office.

In control

After the concept presentation, the tasks and duties of our design department do not stop there. In cooperation with our dedicated account managers we make sure that your products will look exactly like what we have presented. This implies a close cooperation with each other in the Amsterdam office, but also with the office and factories in China. From production to transportation, everything is communicated and checked by us.


In 2005 we opened an office in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is located 45 minutes to the west of Hong Kong. Currently, there are 7 employees working at this office. They are responsible for selecting adequate factories and the associated price negotiations and quality controls conducted during production and during the logistic processes in China.


Code of Conduct

Incentive Europe adheres to the CSR-Principals of the UNGC and furthermore developed their own Code of Conduct for factories.


Our office in China works exclusively with factories wich have a valid ISO 9000 certificate. These certificates can always be presented to our customers.


The main focus of an audit are the CSR guidelines. If the customer wishes, it is possible to audit a specific factory. Incentive Europe can execute a visual control and can create an audit report. We also check if the factory in question is part of a central database. Sedexglobal is an example for such a central database.


Incentive Europe mainly focuses on the quality standard of its products. For every custom made production, a SGS test is consolidated out-front. The SGS test controls and ensures the functionality of the product as well as the quality of the material.

Laboratory test

Besides functionality tests, SGS also provides lab-tests. During production a fixed amount of products are randomly picked and tested.

Incentive Europe only imports products from China that have passed these tests.


Functionality test SGS

The functionality tests are conducted during the production period. Toys for example, are tested for loose parts to meet the safety standards. The test reports are always offered to the client.

Quality marks

The packaging material of all products made by Incentive Europe, bear the European Quality mark:


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