Pimp my car
A couple of times a year, Vomar organizes a nice promotional campaign aimed at both adults and children. For one of these campaigns Incentive Europe proposed the concept ‘Pimp my Car’. Vomar embraced the idea enthusiastically, so the cars could be taken into production immediately. In cooperation with various prominent brands a range of stickers was designed, which could be stuck onto the toy cars so they could be ‘pimped’. Altogether 24 different cars could be collected.

Space Spinners
After the success of  ‘Pimp my Car’ Vomar asked Incentive Europe for a new entertaining idea for their newest promotional action. This time Incentive Europe presented the ‘Space Spinners’: 24 different kinds of spinners with various aliens originating from diverse planets. To enhance the gamification Incentive Europe designed the so-called ‘Space Arena’ in which the space spinners could battle against each other.

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